Member Outreach

Member Outreach

January 2014

Paul R. Evancoe, KCCH, Chair

The Member Outreach Committee shall consist of a Chairman and at least three members. It shall develop programs and provide speakers who can present these programs at the various Lodges when invited to do so by the Worshipful Master with the objective of increasing understanding of the Scottish Rite and encouraging Brethren to join the Alexandria Valley.
Tasks: The Committee shall:
1. As a service to our Blue Lodges, develop a set of Masonic Education talks that can be given by Committee members or other Alexandria Brethren at stated meetings where the Worshipful Master may need an interesting program for the evening.
2. As a membership recruitment tool, develop a set of talks that can be given by Committee members or other Alexandria Brethren at Scottish Rite nights at the various Lodges that will inform the Brethren about the Rite and the Valley and explain the value and advantages of membership.
3. Develop a "Speakers Bureau" consisting of knowledgeable and articulate Valley Brethren who can make effective presentations and then speak with individual Lodge Brethren to encourage them to petition.
4. Work closely with the Membership Development Committee to encourage the Alexandria Scottish Rite representatives assigned to each Lodge to talk to the Senior Warden about the availability of Scottish Rite speakers to put on a program of Masonic education at stated meetings, and to attempt to schedule a Scottish Rite evening as a Lodge program the following year when he is Worshipful Master.
5. Schedule speakers to put on programs at the various Lodges.
I certify that these changes to our By-laws were approved by a majority vote of the members present at a stated communication of the Lodge of Perfection of this Valley and in accordance with our By-laws.

Contact Us

The Alexandria Scottish Rite Temple
1430 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22302-2706
Phone: 703-998-9044

Stated Meetings on the Second Friday
of each month at 7:30 PM


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