Library Committee Charter

The Library Committee is to provide the Alexandria Scottish Rite with a first-class library that will support the Masonic Education of our members, provide resources for Masonic research, and become a focal point for Masonic discussion. 

The Library Committee shall consist of a Chairman and 3 members recommended by the Chair and appointed by the Personal Representative. 


1.The Committee shall catalog the holdings and recommend eliminating items not worth retaining.

2.The Committee will initially and periodically compile a list of books to expand and improve the Masonic book collection It will consult with other Masonic librarians and scholars, for example, the House of the Temple and the GW Masonic Memorial, and with the Brethren.

3.The Committee will enlist the support of our membership in obtaining desiredbooks. 

4. The Committee will explore ways to make the library and its collection more available and accessible to our membership. 

5. The Committee will establish a presence on the Alexandria Scottish Rite website and also maintain and update the Books on Freemasonry section of the website. 

6.The Committee will assist the Education Committee in organizing and running book discussion groups and identifying and having Brethren develop book reviews that might be presented as programs at the meetings.

Contact Us

The Alexandria Scottish Rite Temple
1430 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22302-2706
Phone: 703-998-9044

Stated Meetings on the Second Friday
of each month at 7:30 PM


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