Education And Americanism

January 2014


Scottish Rite Committees: Education & Americanism

Loyd E. Davis 33°, Chair

The objective of the Education & Americanism Committee is to develop training programs, assist the four Bodies in developing and coordinating meeting programs, and support community outreach programs in furtherance of Valley education and Americanism objectives.

The Education and Americanism Committee shall consist of a Chairman and 6 members. Additional Brethren may be assigned tasks as required for the execution of specific programs. The Chairman may delegate authority to other Scottish Rite Brethren for the execution of specific programs under the purview of the Education and Americanism Committee.


1. The Committee shall develop training programs to further Valley members’ understanding of the Scottish Rite, its history and symbols; its organizational structure, rules and procedures; its philosophy and creed; and its (non-degree) rituals and ceremonies. It shall accomplish this by:

a. Developing a Valley Officer training curriculum and maintaining and presenting a Valley Officer training program;

b. Promoting membership participation in the Master Craftsman Program, and tracking and reporting on Valley participation in the Program;

c. Developing additional educational opportunities for the membership, including, in coordination with the Library Committee, organizing book discussion groups;

d. Producing educational materials, including Scottish Rite Degree summaries and book reviews.

2. To support the four bodies in developing and coordinating meeting

programs, the Committee shall:

a. Coordinate with the incoming Presiding Officers of the four Bodies to plan the meeting programs and speakers for each ensuing Masonic year and provide a program planning and tracking tool for the four Bodies to ensure all are aware of planned program subject matter to avoid duplication or conflict;

b. Coordinate presentation of monthly Education and Americanism programs at Valley stated meetings or, when requested, at other Valley events or gatherings such as the Scottish Rite Club meetings;

c. Provide periodic presentations on the Scottish Rite Creed and the implementing programs favored by the Supreme Council.

3. In coordination with the Public Relations Committee to support the Alexandria Valley’s efforts to inform non-Scottish Rite Masons and the general public of its principles, purposes and programs through a combination of Lodge presentations and community outreach programs, the Committee shall:

a. Coordinate with Northern Virginia ROTC/JROTC Units to schedule presentations of Outstanding Cadet Recognition Awards, and coordinate with Valley membership to align presenters for the award ceremonies - it shall also compile statistical data on presentations for end-of-year reporting;

b. Coordinate with the Washington Post newspaper to identify recipients of the annual Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Awards, then select and coordinate with three of the Northern Virginia awardees and their school administration for participation in the Alexandria Consistory’s annual Outstanding Teacher Recognition Banquet and Program; it shall coordinate with and respond to the direction of the Consistory Master of Kadosh, all Valley preparations for the Banquet/Program;

c. Select and coordinate community teachers for participation in the Valley Forge Freedom Foundation seminars (when sponsored and authorized by the Supreme Council);

d. When requested, participate in Valley presentations at Masonic Lodges, about Scottish Rite Freemasonry, on Americanism, or as part of a Valley speakers program service to present programs of Masonic education;

Contact Us

The Alexandria Scottish Rite Temple
1430 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22302-2706
Phone: 703-998-9044

Stated Meetings on the Second Friday
of each month at 7:30 PM


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