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[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren, Please click on the link below for the latest Valley bulletin for July and August. https://www.alexandriascottishrite.org/sites/default/files/public_documents/2019_07_08_sr_bulletin_final.pdf ###
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Our annual Ladies Night Dinner at Alexandria Valley are honoring three of the “2019 Teachers of the Year” in our area. One each from Loudoun County, Prince William County, and The City of Alexandria. Dinner will start at 6:00pm. Your wife,
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Dear Brethren, Ill. MW Jim Cole has just informed us that our annual visit to James Madison University will be on Tuesday July 9, 2019 from 9:00am to about 1:30pm. Refreshments are provided when we arrive including lunch before we leave.
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren: Thank you for your outstanding support of the 2019 Alexandria Scottish Rite Friends and Family Charity Dinner. The dinner is this Saturday, May 18. We have a lot of attendees, and there is a lot to be excited about. Below are some
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] “The silent auction site is populated! Please take a moment to visit https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/auctionhome.action?auctionId=341691278 and get an advance view of the silent auction items as well as place an advance bid. You may also
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren: I am excited to inform everyone that we are only twelve days away from our annual Friends and Family Charity Dinner. A great deal of planning and thought has gone into this event and it's coming together! - If you have not registere
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Thanks to Ben Browning, 32 degree KCCH for traffic info this weekend that might affect some of us on the road to the reunion. Major Weekend Lane Closures on I-395 Begin April 26 For at least four consecutive weekends, the Virginia Department
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren, This is the Spring Issue of the Virginia Light publication for the Orient. Illustrious and Most Worshipful Cole has requested members distribute via email and by posting it on websites or Facebook pages. In addition to the usual
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Please open the word attachment if needed for an update of the ASR Friends and Charity Dinner 2019. It's also in this email below. Brethren: It gives me great pleasure to provide you with an update on our Alexandria Scottish Rite Friends and
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren, We are only two months away from our annual Friends and Family Dinner and Auction, and the event committee continues its hard work to ensure that we will have a memorable evening. The entertainment will include a magician and a DJ,
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren, Rose Croix will have our Annual Ceremony of “Remembrance & Renewal” to honor our members who were taken from us in 2018. Pre-meeting Dinner at 6:30PM Corned Beef and Cabbage along with Veggies & Dessert. Jay E. Patterson 12816
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren, Alexandria's latest bulletin: https://alexandriascottishrite.org/sites/default/files/public_documents/2019_03_04_sr_bulletin_on-line_version__1.pdf ### Jay E. Patterson 12816 Briery River Terrace Herndon, VA 20170 571-291-1323 cell
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brothers: Several brothers informally are getting together and hosting a Burboun Tasting - Cigar evening. Proceeds from this event will be donated to our 2019 Alexandria Scottish Rite Friends and Family Charity Dinner. Attached is a flyer for
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Brethren: I am excited to discuss with you our upcoming 2019 Alexandria Scottish Rite Friends and Family Charity Dinner. Here are some specifics on the dinner: - Date: Saturday May 18, 2019 - Time:6:00 PM - Place: The Waterford at Fair
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Friday, January 11, 2019, 6 p.m. - Alexandria's Annual Awards Banquet and Officer Installation (wives and guests are invited) followed by the Stated meeting of the Lodge of Perfection. Please plan to attend and bring your wife, family and
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Dear Brethren: The January - February 2019 Alexandria Scottish Rite Bulletin is available on our website and will be mailed to you shortly. https://alexandriascottishrite.org/sites/default/files/public_documents/2019_01_02_sr_bulletin_final.pdf
[image: AlexandriaVA_banner_600px[1]Final.png] Hello Brethren - I am pleased to launch the website for the Alexandria Scottish Rite Friends and Family Charity Event/Dinner. First and Foremost check out our website here is the link http://www.asrfe.org, the link is www ASRFE.org which
Brethren, The November-December 2019 Alexandria Scottish Rite Bulletin is now available on our website. https://alexandriascottishrite.org/sites/default/files/public_documents/2018_11_12_sr_bulletin_final_on-line.pdf S&F Ed Cohen Jay E. Patterson 12816 Briery River Terrace Herndon, VA 20170
Brethren: The Alexandria Scottish Rite Reunion Class, on Saturday, October 27, 2018 Has a new Starting time with the 20th Degree beginning at 9:00am Due to problems with cast members not being available the Degrees for Saturday Will start at 9:00am This means you won’t need to be at
New changes for degree times


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The Alexandria Scottish Rite Temple
1430 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22302-2706
Phone: 703-998-9044

Stated Meetings on the Second Friday
of each month at 7:30 PM


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